TR-2 RJ Headset Adapter

PC headset with microphone to 4P4C RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 plug dual 3.5mm headset to RJ9 plug for desk phone adapter

    With this adapter user can easily use any exist PC computer stereo headset headphone dual 3.5mm plug to work with Phone IP phone Jack ( please see compatible models below ) simple setup still get high quality stereo sound. One end is RJ Plug that will fit in the phone headset/handset port the other end are two dual 3.5mm female adapter for the pc stereo headset plugs. User still able to use any functions available on the headset or phone via this adapter
    • Convert 4P4C RJ9/RJ10 headset/handset plug To Dual 3.5mm Adapters PC Headset
    • All functions on headset and phone will still function same high quality
    • Easy Setup Plug and Play
    • Top Quality 16 inches Long Cable.

    Accessories Options:

    Structure Features:
    Material: Plastic
    Size: about 30cm

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